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Aetna Insurance Dental Phone Number

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No pre-emptive waiting period, 6 month waiting period for basic services, 12 month waiting period for main services

Aetna Dental Insurance — Glenn Reit D.d.s.

UnitedHealthcare Dental Plan availability varies by region. Get a free dental insurance quote now. For more information on costs, benefits, exclusions, eligibility, limitations and renewal terms, call a licensed product advisor to discuss your options.

Fluoride treatments (two per calendar year) are covered for children 16 and younger. Adults will have to cover the extra fee set by their dentist if they want to have fluoride treatment. Periodic dental cleaning at any age is considered preventive care and is covered 100% by the dental plan without deductions.

No. In some states, you can also add vision insurance (for an additional premium) to your dental plan. Check and compare dental insurance quotes by getting a quick dental insurance quote online.

How do I know if my dentist is in your network? Or how can I find a dentist in your network?

Group Health Insurance Plans & Benefits For Employers

To see if your dentist is in our dental network, visit or find your nearest dentist. Our dental insurance network gives you the freedom to choose the dentist you want.

Dental discount plans are like using a coupon. It only gives you a certain discount on certain treatments and is limited to where you can use these dental discount plans. Our dental insurance plans cover cleanings and preventive maintenance 100% with no deductible. Our dental insurance covers 50-80% of other services such as cavity filling, root canal treatment, dentures after the waiver and waiting period.

There is a six-month waiting period for essential services and a 12-month waiting period for basic services. For example, if you were to make a crown, you would have a 12-month cooldown, while a simple filling would only have a six-month cooldown. Waiting times are the time it takes for your policy to go into effect before your benefits begin. Many insurance plans, even dental insurance plans, require a waiting period. Our plans do not include waiting periods for preventative services such as cleaning products and sealing.

Preventive services have no waiting period and include routine dental exams, routine x-rays, cleanings, fluoride therapy for children, sealants and retainers.

Reimbursement Forms: Dental & Medical

Basic services have a six-month waiting period and include dental exams, x-rays, routine tooth extractions, treatments to relieve children’s toothaches, and simple fillings.

The main services have a waiting period of 12 months and include the treatment of diseases of the pulp (including canals), bone and other supporting tissues of the teeth, crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, bridges, prostheses (a pay every 5 years). and oral surgery of impacts.

There is a maximum calendar year benefit of $1,000 per covered person. This means that your dental insurance plan will cover up to $1,000 in covered expenses.

Most traditional health and dental insurance plans reimburse or reimburse a percentage of your actual costs. Your dentist will be paid for services covered by your dental insurance.

Insurance & Payment

1 Beginning in 2021, Dental Benefit Provider’s, Inc. Network availability may vary by state, and the contract status of a particular dental care provider may change at any time. Therefore, before seeking care, it is recommended that you check with the dental care provider that is still contracted with the network. As a Columbia University student, you have access to their Columbia Plan student health insurance. All students must have insurance coverage, either through the Columbia Plan or an outside insurance plan through a family member. Fortunately, this insurance plan covers mental health services, so seeing a therapist doesn’t have to cost as much as your tuition!

Read on to find out what Columbia Plan covers for therapy services and how to find the right therapist for you. If you have a Columbia plan, connect with the Columbia plan (through Aetna) to find therapists based in New York, therapists on the Upper West Side, or therapists offering online sessions in New York State to

The Columbia Plan is Columbia University’s student health insurance plan. This plan is offered by Aetna, a major insurance company. All students are automatically enrolled in this insurance plan and must opt ​​out of this plan if they do not wish to use it. All international students must enroll in the Columbia Plan. This plan starts in August and ends the following August, even if you graduate during that time.

The premium or how much you pay to get this insurance depends on your schedule. For 2020-2021 coverage, Morningside students paid $3676 for one year of coverage, while students at Teachers College, Jewish Theological Seminary and Union Theological Seminary paid $4563.

Is Dental Insurance Worth Having?

Yes, students enrolled in the Columbia plan do not have to pay for therapy themselves; the insurance plan will cover some of the costs of the session. However, how much the Columbia Plan covers depends on many factors, all of which are described below.

The costs of therapy sessions depend on whether your therapist is in-network or out-of-network and what type of provider:

While you don’t have a waiver for in-network providers, meaning you don’t have to pay a certain amount before insurance kicks in, there is a $600 waiver for out-of-network providers . If you see an out-of-network provider, you’ll have to spend $600 of your own money before insurance starts to help.

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