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According to the card embedded in my wallet, I have been a “Loyal Member” of the American Automobile Association (better known as AAA) since 2005. My AAA membership has been one of the longest relationships of my life. of my marriage

Phone Number For Aaa Auto Insurance

Initially, AAA roadside assistance had helped me and a car that had been hit so many times get out of more traffic jams than I could count. It would be wise to pay $80 plus each year for my little AAA gold card in question.

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Good thing the extra $80 buys more than the average roadside assistance service. But now I can count on my car to get me from point A to point B without crashing. Does the AAA rim offer enough benefits to make the investment worth it?

AAA has three main levels of membership. Prices start around $50 per year and rise to over $100 per year depending on membership level and region. Note that AAA is a federation of affiliated auto clubs and is not the only entity. Therefore, agreements may vary by region. And the agreement may be modified or terminated without notice.

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Check your local club website for the latest prices and benefit details. But there are many discounts and offers that are great value. wide call and you have a lot of training It depends on the membership level or add-on you choose.

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The classic level, also known as the basic level, is the lowest of the three. But it still provides excellent coverage for traditional car owners who tend to drive closer to home or in more densely populated areas.

The Plus level offers some upgrades that might appeal to travelers on longer trips. Especially those who are far from civilization or who tend to put their vehicles in difficult situations. Comes with everything that comes with the Classic membership level:

Premier tiers may be better for drivers who drive more than average, such as regional dealers or those with vehicles of questionable longevity. It comes with everything you get at the Plus level, plus:

For an additional fee, AAA offers additional RV coverage for AAA Plus and AAA Premier members. RV coverage extends each plan’s roadside assistance benefits to an RV that requires rickshaws and heavy hoists.

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Many of AAA’s benefits are simply discounted prices on eligible goods and services, but others come in the form of WOWPoints, AAA’s online reward currency.

If you are a member of the travel loyalty program or have a reimbursed credit card. You are probably familiar with the basic structure of the WOWPoints program.

Get started by linking a credit or debit card supported by a major payment processing network to your AAA account. This makes it easy to track your WOWPoint earnings and helps you redeem rewards easily.

Next, access the AAA online shopping portal through your local club website. In addition to the advertised savings, you also earn double or triple WOW points on most purchases. AAA works with select major retailers and travel stores.

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WOW Points can only be redeemed for purchases made with participating merchant partners. WOW Points are always worth $0.01 per redemption. No matter what you redeem or the store you redeem.

First, go to the AAA online shopping portal and select Pay with Points Find the store you want to sponsor. Then specify how many WOWPoints (or the dollar value) you want to redeem. Click “Buy with Points” to go to the merchant’s website. Trade using your linked credit or debit card. to the next statement. You should see credit for the redemption value.

If you are building new credit or are not yet eligible for a Premium Cash Back or Travel Rewards credit card. Collecting and paying with WOWPoints will help you realize the de facto benefits of credit card rewards programs without going through the difficult application process.

PRO TIP: Another way to help build or increase your credit score is to sign up for Experian Boost, a free program from Experian that gives you credit for paying your utility bills on time. This generally doesn’t matter to your credit score. Auto Insurance And Registration Card Holder

AAA also offers many discounts and savings opportunities that do not require WOWPoints. These are the most valuable and available online. But discounts and savings opportunities may vary by region. and may be modified or canceled at any time.

Next to Roadside Assistance and Towing AAA Locksmith Discount is the most cost-effective and consistent benefit. per referral The average cost to call a locksmith is about $150, according to Fixr.

The AAA locksmith rebate covers some or all of the costs up to the set benefit amount to call a locksmith to lock your home or vehicle. The number of benefits and type of locksmith service varies by membership level and regional club.

For classic members the AAA locksmith benefit is worth at least $50, for senior members it is $100 to $150 depending on the level and club. This benefit is available to members who have been locked out of their vehicle due to stolen or misplaced keys.

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For Classic and Plus levels, locksmith benefits are not available for homes. But Premier members get a free home lock of up to $100 per visit each year. This includes penetration, key duplicating, key duplicating and lock changes.

Please note that the home closing service only covers the member’s primary residence. does not include any buildings This could come into play if you lock yourself in the detached garage. But still quite generous.

Club AAA partners with dozens of specialty and casual retailers to reduce members’ shopping costs. for in-store purchases You must have an AAA membership card in hand.

Here is an example of what you can expect from a typical retail business. I found these deals through my local Auto Club. So your offer may vary:

Aaa Roadside Assistance, Adrian, Mi

Some major merchants offer accelerated WOWPoint earnings in addition to instant discounts. For example, I found many offers from my local club on Puma purchases: up to 50% off sneakers with WOWPoints. Quadruple (4x) on all eligible purchases.

AAA meal discounts help members save money on vacation and business travel. AAA offers two different dining discounts: instant discounts at participating restaurants and deep discounts on branded gift cards or rebates. gift card issued by For use at participating chain restaurants or specific independent restaurants. Gift Card Availability varies by location. but it can be very attractive My local club has a deal that promises $4 for a $25 certificate, saving up to 80%.

To find eligible restaurants in your area, search for “restaurants” in the discount search bar. Or scroll down to a restaurant row in the All Deals view. and when eating out Don’t forget your AAA membership card.

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Instant discounts help. But the best way to save money at restaurants is to not eat out at all. Fortunately, AAA offers instant money-saving opportunities for online and in-store food and beverage purchases.

Some deals are more useful than others: edible holiday gifts. (great for Cyber ​​Monday shopping lists) Co-exists with supermarket staples. Most deals are only available online. For in-store discounts, please present your AAA card at the point of sale.

My family has cats (yes, plural), which means we’re always looking for ways to reduce the cost of owning cats. AAA pet discounts are a good place to start. And almost all of them are available online. For partners who have a physical storefront Just show your AAA membership card at the point of sale.

Electronics is one of the biggest discount categories at AAA, with deals 50% or more off face value on brands like Lenovo, HP and Dell. Check the AAA website for the latest offers. and if you go to the store in person Don’t forget your AAA membership card.

Aaa Auto Insurance

In the past, we’ve seen AAA membership discounts on wireless plans and services for gamers. Includes a 30-day free trial of GameFly.

As you might expect, AAA offers a wide range of auto discounts, available in two types: discounts and perks that are included in AAA membership plans, and instant discounts with auto partners such as auto repair shops and auto parts dealers. the detail. Specific offers vary by plan.

AAA’s commitment to health and wellness is reflected in its new bike repair and replacement verticals. But not only those who commute by bicycle will benefit.

AAA has many online channels.

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