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Personal Services Insurance – America has some of the best doctors in the world. us. The company produces dozens of new prescription drugs, innovative and life-saving medical technologies and breakthrough therapies each year.

They researched, created hundreds of millions of Covid-19 shots, and distributed them within a year to everyone who needed them.

Personal Services Insurance

No wonder 80% of Americans have a positive opinion of the health care they receive. That’s good news!

Personal Lines Insurance Carrier Performance: An Agent Survey

Our healthcare system is full of mandates, restrictions, and regulations enforced at the federal and state levels that make quality healthcare in the United States more expensive and less accessible.

Lawmakers heard the concerns, but instead of reforming the top-down, one-size-fits-all mandate, they doubled down on the failing policy.

So, as healthcare technology continues to advance, the healthcare system becomes more suffocating, bureaucratic, and irritating to patients.

To make matters worse, some lawmakers are proposing to overhaul the system with the biggest top-down measure yet: single-payer health care, which would put the federal government in control of your medical decisions, leaving you and your doctors on the sidelines.

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But patients need more, not less, control over their healthcare decisions. They want a system where the doctor-patient relationship reigns supreme.

Individual Choice offers more affordable healthcare solutions and better quality healthcare options

Personal Choice is a series of smart reforms that give patients more choice as they navigate the maze of healthcare.

These reforms recognize that decisions are best made between doctors and patients, not between patients and the government.

Why You Should Use A Health Insurance Agent

To that end, Personal Choice offers three key reforms to preserve what works for countless patients and address what doesn’t.

Many Americans worry about the affordability of health care. They are right to be concerned. Even getting basic care is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.

At the state and federal levels, our healthcare system is riddled with limitations that drive up healthcare costs without helping improve outcomes.

What it means: Eight in 10 Americans say prescription drug prices are too high. Patients need reforms to increase market competition, create more innovative medicines and lower prices.

Health Care Costs: A Primer 2012 Report

What it does: Congress can implement reforms that give Americans access to medicines that we trust are already approved in other countries.

Congress should also reform the FDA’s rigid approval process while maintaining important safety standards.

What it means: A health savings account, or HSA, is a tax-free account that allows people to save for current and future medical expenses. HSA holders pay no federal income tax on the money they put into the account or spend on health care.

What this means: People deserve more convenient, affordable insurance options like short-term, renewable plans. These programs are especially useful for unemployed Americans.

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Unfortunately, about a dozen states overregulate or ban them. Lawmakers should maximize the time Americans have access to these affordable, individualized programs.

What it means: Association health plans (AHPs) allow small businesses and individuals to join together for the same huge group discounts that larger businesses enjoy.

In 2017, the Trump administration issued a regulation to provide AHP nationwide. A federal judge blocked the provision in 2019.

How it could help: Congress should allow individuals and small businesses to buy these plans, giving them the same savings and insurance as employees of large businesses. To do this, they may pass the Association Health Plan Act.

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What it means: When Americans get medical services, they often don’t know what to pay and how much.

Paying for health care is not like buying groceries, where prices are clearly marked. Patients are often plagued by unexpected medical bills that arrive weeks or even months later. Lawmakers must work to increase price transparency in health care.

What it does: Feeding patients upfront makes them more informed consumers, increasing competition and lowering prices.

Doctors and hospitals have strong incentives to publish their cash-on-pocket prices — and only then — so patients have a firm grip on money and decisions.

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We need to put patients in the driver’s seat through versions of the program. We must also enforce existing antitrust and antifraud laws.

Unfortunately, some lawmakers have proposed breaking contracts by forcing suppliers to post fictitious and/or proprietary prices. Government mandates are not the right policy.

The right approach is to make patients become consumers. Then, online, in grocery stores, and at gas stations, prices are naturally made public.

From 2010 to 2018, the percentage of small businesses offering employee health insurance fell from 44 percent to 32 percent, compared with 30 percent of such businesses. This is largely a result of Obamacare banning multiple insurance options.

Lostocco Insurance Services

A growing number of Americans with health insurance are finding it increasingly difficult to find their favorite doctor conveniently and in a timely manner.

That’s because health insurers put up barriers designed to limit patient choice and increase insurer profits. For many patients, this means substandard care or no care at all.

Getting health care can often be a complicated process for patients — but the federal government can offer reforms to make it easier for you to see a doctor.

What it means: A Health Reimbursement Account, or HRA, is an IRS-approved employer-sponsored health care benefit designed to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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HRA provides customers with portable coverage between jobs, increasing access to care for more Americans. Lawmakers should work to expand these accounts.

How it helps: In 2018, the Trump administration issued a rule allowing employees to use these employer-sponsored accounts to purchase individually designed portable health insurance plans.

If all employers offered this option, the days of “job lock” would be over. Millions of people aren’t stuck worrying about their next employer not being able to provide them with the good coverage they need.

This smart reform could make health care more accessible to millions of Americans. Congress must pass the Expanding Health Coverage Through the HRAs Act to make this new option, called Individual Coverage HRAs, permanent and prevent a future president from repealing it.

Why Personal Insurance Is More Important Than Ever Before

What it means: States should reform their scope of practice laws, which prohibit nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other health care professionals from providing care without physician supervision.

How it helps: States should reform or repeal these laws that don’t make patients safer. In the states that have reformed the scope of the law to practice, the quality of care has not declined at all.

Because these healthcare professionals are often marginalized by the limitations of their scope of practice, they are fully qualified to perform primary and specialty care.

When the pandemic hit, many states began scaling back their scope of practice laws, expanding the pool of health care providers who could see patients. These reforms are especially helpful for Americans living in rural areas.

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What it means: Many states refuse to recognize out-of-state professional licensure for doctors and nurses. These regulations limit the medical services provided to patients, especially those with reduced mobility and those living in rural areas.

How it helps: States should repeal or reform these laws. Doing so can improve the choice and quality of care by increasing competition.

What it means: One of the most exciting developments in U.S. healthcare is the rise of direct patient care (DPC) clinics, which offer unlimited primary care physician services, preventive services, and discounts on medications, all for a flat monthly fee .

DPCs remove unnecessary barriers to care, help patients save money, and allow patients and physicians to spend more time together, resulting in a better overall patient experience and better health outcomes.

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The problem is that DPCs are not yet widely available because state and federal regulations and tax rules have not caught up to this exciting new model.

Importantly, DPCs provide medical services directly, not insurance, and should therefore be regulated

How it helps: Protecting the DPC from unfair regulation and allowing people to pay tax-free will provide millions of Americans with lower costs, better care, and greater peace of mind.

America has some of the best healthcare in the world, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Most Americans want to see better health care outcomes.

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What it means: 35 states and the District of Columbia have proof-of-need laws that prohibit suppliers from buying new equipment, expanding facilities or opening new locations without government approval.

As the Prosperity Foundation demonstrated in a recent report on Americans, these CON laws reduce access to quality, affordable health care. State lawmakers should repeal them.

How it helped: Early last year, as COVID-19 began to spread, state governors began issuing emergency executive orders to suspend their CON restrictions, realizing they were doing more harm than good. Some

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