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Call Allstate Insurance – A woman whose phone number has been on the Do Not Call Registry since 2008 is suing Allstate Insurance, saying she has received multiple calls from the company trying to sell her auto insurance, sometimes multiple calls on the same day.

Georgia woman Rita Brownlee filed a proposed nationwide class action lawsuit Monday in the Eastern Division of the Southern District of Illinois, alleging the insurer violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) when she was constantly called in 2020. .

Call Allstate Insurance

Brownlee said she received six calls from Allstate representatives between May 23 and July 25, each requesting that she not be called back. Her number is also on the Do Not Call Registry.

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“To grow the business and attract new customers, Allstate, through telemarketers working on behalf of the company, conducted (and continues to conduct) a large-scale telemarketing campaign, including making repeat phone calls and not requested, to consumers whose phone numbers are registered. on the National Do Not Call List and who have requested Call Suspension, all of which violate the TCPA,” Brownlee said.

She said her calls harmed her and the Proposed Class by aggravating, annoying and invading privacy, and disrupting her ability to “use and enjoy” the phone.

Each time Allstate called her in 2020, Brownlee said she answered the phone and then waited on the line to tell the operator she wasn’t interested and she stopped calling.

The lawsuit alleges that Allstate was “fully aware” that unsolicited telemarketing calls were and continue to be made.

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“Allstate has received a notice of consumer complaints and other information indicating that its vendors, who consistently act on Allstate’s behalf, are violating the TCPA,” the lawsuit states.

Brownlee seeks to represent a National Group of Citizens who have received calls from Allstate for the past four years, who also have their phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry, and have asked the company to stop calling, but still receive calls .

Brownlee is seeking certification from the Class, $500 per violation, treble damages, attorneys’ fees, costs, interest, and a court order requiring Allstate to cease all spam activity on the National Do Not Call Registry. She is also seeking a jury trial.

It’s been three decades since the TCPA was signed into law, and it’s about to gain a lot of attention in 2021, as the Supreme Court has a year left on its enforcement. Read more about what that means for consumers here.

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Meanwhile, Allstate was one of the top 10 auto insurers sued last month for allegedly failing to properly adjust its rates to account for fewer accidents and fewer accidents during the pandemic shutdown.

Have you received telemarketing calls from insurance companies, despite asking them to stop calling you? Let us know in the comments section!

The Allstate Insurance TCPA Class Action Lawsuit is Rita Brownlee v. Allstate Insurance Company, Case 1:21-cv-01428, in the United States District Court for the Eastern Division of the Southern District of Illinois

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