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Cheap Colorado Auto Insurance – To help Colorado drivers find the cheapest auto insurance, our editorial team has compiled quotes from the best auto insurance companies in every zip code in the state. Estimates for minimum coverage meet Colorado state requirements of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident, and $15,000 property damage coverage. Full coverage estimates include liability limits above the state minimum, as well as conflict and comprehensive coverage.

We also ranked the best car insurance companies in Colorado based on affordability, coverage, convenience and customer service reviews from multiple drivers.

Cheap Colorado Auto Insurance

State Farm has the cheapest car insurance in Colorado. Minimum liability insurance costs $34 per month, 43% less than the Colorado average.

Best Cheap Car Insurance In Colorado

Eligible drivers must also obtain a quote from USAA. Our minimum guarantee costs an average of $28 per month, the lowest in Colorado. However, only active or former military personnel and their families are eligible for coverage.

The cheapest car insurances are only liability insurances that meet the minimum security requirements. With State Farm, motorists can find the cheapest car insurance deals in Colorado from Auto-Owners and Geico.

A Colorado minimum coverage policy only covers damages or injuries caused by an auto accident. A full coverage policy includes both comprehensive and conflicting.

Comprehensive insurance protects you against damage to your vehicle caused by events other than driving, such as theft or weather damage. Collision insurance covers damages to your vehicle if you have an accident or hit a pothole, regardless of your own fault.

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State Farm is the cheapest insurance company in Colorado for full coverage insurance, averaging $99 per month.

The average cost of full coverage insurance is $168 per month in Colorado, making it one of the cheapest states for full coverage auto insurance. Geico, Auto-Owners and Progressive also offer below-average deals.

State Farm has the cheapest car insurance in Colorado for drivers with speeding, accident or DUI records.

An incomplete driving record almost always results in higher car insurance premiums. That’s why it’s even more important to browse car insurance to find the best price for you.

Golden Colorado Auto Insurance A Plus Insurance

State Farm offers the cheapest deals for drivers who have recently received a speeding ticket. State Farm’s full coverage policy is about $107 per month, 47% less than the average.

Auto owners are a distant second, but still save nearly $41 per month compared to the average.

State Farm offers the most affordable full coverage insurance for drivers who cause an accident at $114 per month. That’s only a 15 percent increase.

If you’ve recently been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), State Farm offers the cheapest deal for full coverage at $107 per month. Prices will only increase by 8 percent. That’s much less than is typical in Colorado.

Hire And Non Owned Auto Insurance

Because DUI is a serious driving offense, it is common for it to increase significantly later in life. On average, Colorado auto insurance companies increase rates after a DUI by 48%.

State Farm offers the lowest quotes for drivers with bad credit, averaging $194 per month. That’s 35% less than average compared to other top companies in Colorado.

A low credit score doesn’t mean you’re a bad driver, but insurance companies take it as a sign that you’re more likely to get into an accident or file a claim. As a result, you pay 77% more for car insurance in Colorado than drivers with good credit.

State Farm’s minimum coverage policy is $118 per month and full coverage is $278 per month.

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The average cost of minimum coverage insurance is $204 per month for an 18-year-old driver in Colorado. That’s $144 more per month than a 30-year-old driver would pay for the same coverage.

State Farm offers the cheapest deals for young drivers with a Colorado ticket. The average monthly payment for minimum coverage is $131.

Younger ticketed drivers have higher rates when renewing or buying auto insurance. In Colorado, young drivers with speeding tickets have an average increase of 13 percent.

Young drivers looking for the cheapest insurance after an accident can find great deals from State Farm. The company’s average rate is $144 per month for minimum coverage.

The Best Cheap Car Insurance

Negligence accidents tend to result in higher rates than speeding tickets because insurance companies consider them a higher risk. Younger Colorado drivers can expect a 29 percent increase after an accident.

State Farm offers full coverage for married drivers at the lowest rates in Colorado. Companies that already offer the lowest rates in the state do not offer discounts to married drivers.

For married drivers, auto insurance is 4% cheaper in Colorado on average. Nationwide and Progressive offer the biggest discounts for married drivers, reducing rates by up to 12%.

Most insurance companies offer slightly cheaper estimates for married drivers. This is because insurance companies consider them to be less risky drivers.

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State Farm is the best choice for drivers outside the US. Because USAA only sells insurance to the military, veterans and their families, many Colorado drivers are unable to obtain insurance from USAA.

In the event of an accident, great customer service can help you quickly investigate and pay your claim, reducing stress. Companies with low customer service scores may have a longer claims process that may take longer to recover from.

Deer Trail is the most expensive city in Colorado for auto insurance, with full coverage quotes averaging $197 per month. Redlands is the cheapest city at $125 per month.

Location is just one factor that affects car insurance. Prices are usually higher in big cities because there are more accidents and car thefts. For example, car insurance in Denver is 13% more expensive than the state average.

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Colorado requires all drivers to carry minimum liability insurance. Car insurance must include 25/50/15 personal injury liability and property damage liability.

In addition to required coverage, Colorado residents have the option to purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist, health, comprehensive and collision coverage.

State Farm offers the most affordable insurance for most drivers in Colorado with minimum coverage ($34 per month) and full coverage ($99 per month). USAA offers better rates for minimum coverage, but only military-related products are eligible.

The average cost of car insurance in Colorado is $60 per month for minimum coverage. In Colorado, full coverage averages $168 per month.

Colorado Car Insurance Rates, Quotes & Agents Reviews & Research

Yes, car insurance rates in Colorado are relatively high compared to other areas. Colorado is the 17th most expensive state for minimum coverage and the 10th most expensive state for full coverage. Colorado car insurance quotes are expensive due to extreme weather conditions and densely populated cities.

Colorado law requires you to have at least $25,000 per person in liability coverage for bodily injury, $50,000 for accident and $15,000 per person for property damage.

The average cost of car insurance in Denver is $189 per month for full coverage. This is 15 percent more expensive than the national average. By comparison, drivers in Colorado Springs can expect to pay $186 per month.

In Colorado, the best insurance companies for customer service are USAA and State Farm. These insurers consistently receive positive reviews for their claims process and have a reputation for reliable customer service.

Compare Colorado Car Insurance Rates [2022]

We’ve collected thousands of quotes for the state’s largest insurance companies for zip codes in Colorado. Our example driver was a 30-year-old man with a clean record and good credit driving a 2015 Honda Civic EX.

For the minimum warranty policy, we received the minimum price required in Colorado.

The default policies listed above for other ratio analyzes (credit scores, driving accidents, and marital status) have been changed to reflect the new drivers. Underage driver charges apply to the minimum coverage policy.

Insurance premium data from Quadrant Information Services was used in the analysis. These rates are publicly available in insurance company documents and should be used for comparison purposes only. Your rating may vary.

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Car insurance is an important purchase, but finding affordable car insurance in Colorado isn’t always easy. The best way to find cheap car insurance is to compare the prices of several insurance companies.

The cheapest car insurance company in Colorado is American National, which costs an average of $842 per year or $70 per month. Meanwhile, the average cost of full coverage auto insurance is

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